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Until now we have not had a licensing option available for developers on all our past products. This has meant that developers and agencies who wanted to use our plugins for their clients had to go through the trouble of registering new accounts and buying separate licenses for each clients' sites.

To rid this hassle, and to make things more affordable for developers, we have decided to add a Developer's License for purchase that gives you permission to use the plugin for all of your clients and yourself. All you need to do is get your hands on this reseller rights license right now and you can install it on unlimited websites and keep 100% of what you charge your clients. Anyone can be a developer with this license.

A lot of marketers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, product creators, trainers, tutors have always wanted to monetize their embedded YouTube videos. With this license. you can help them set that up, add overlay ads on their videos in just 2 minutes and charge them as much as you like for the installation.

Imagine being able to charge $67 to $97 for things you can do in just 2 minutes. Imagine charging 50 clients $100 each to do a job that only lasts 2 minutes per site.. That's a lot of extra money you can make on the side apart from what you make on your own Vidadz installed sites.

You can even build and FLIP video SITES with this plugin installed.

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Vidadz Plugin - Developer License
This is a special one time offer
Lets recap what you can do with the developer license
  • With the Developers/Agency license you can activate UNLIMITED Vidadz license for yourself and clients
  • With the Developers license, you can activate UNLIMITED vidadz license for yourself and clients with no activation limits.
  • You can Charge your client any amount and keep 100% of the money.
  • You can build and flip the sites you create with this plugin.
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Refund processing can take up to 7 days and please contact us first to help you get things in order. So what are you waiting for? Get the developer license today and make more money by installing it on clients sites.
Last Chance To Upgrade
Last Chance To Upgrade
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Upgrade To Vidadz Developer License for the
Discount You See Below
Vidadz Plugin - Developer License
This is a special one time offer
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